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I really got concerned when I happened to touch the back of my head and felt a bump

I've got this letter...
I have taken off personal details and now I want to share it with you...

Sun, 14 Nov 2004 19:12:02

Valentina I am so sorry I just missed your call. I picked up but the phone cut you off.
I really got concerned last night when I happened to touch the back of my head
and felt a bump, or gland that was and is swollen and sore..
I don't have a similar but on the other side. It aches on an off a bit.
Today I had pain in my jaw particularly on the left side.
I don't know if there is any connection but the bump is unusal.

I didn't bump my head.
I do have a pimple several inches away from the area affected that I have had for a while
and have scratched but don't think it is related. I don't think I got bitten by a spider.

On top of all the neck, leg etc pains...

I did spend the day very quiet and meditated Praying to get strong , to heal, to heal myself...
This gets very old feeling so lousy as I told you. I did feel better for about 4 days last week.. then it changed.

Enough of my complaining. You asked that I email you about this so I did.

I am glad you will be here at the end of the week.
I wouldn't bother you but have no one else to call that has your gift..
I always feel better emotionally after I talk to you.
Take care. J.
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Maybe this person should also see a doctor?

Valentina, can you heal with your hands or by listening or...?
That's what I am telling her all the time - see a doctor...
but everyday something else is hurting and she is asking me again...
She is not asking all the time - just when it's really bad...
Allthough she is not following my recomendations either...
It just for me to tel her - that she is not about to die...
That's the most what she wants...
Oh, that's too bad...

Maybe you could offer to go with her if she's scared.
She is not that scared.
She is visiting doctor for her husband - going there with him...
It's just like that:
today she is scared because of how her head feels,
tomorrow - it is about heart,
next day - the shoulder...
And so on..
Neck, stomach, skin…